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Radar Furuno 1623

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Detail Produk :
Model / Part #         
1623DISP     6 Inch Monochrome LCD Display, with Standard Accessories     
RSB0093-074     15 Inch Radome with 2.2 kW Transceiver     
000-129-609     GO TO 001-122-790     
Standard Features

    Waterproof, 6 Inch Silver Bright Monochrome LCD Display
    13 User Selectable Range Scales from 1/8 to 16 N.M.
    Ergonomic design with predictable menu
    Display Resolution of 240(H) X 320(V) Dots
    Targets Displayed in up to 4 Levels of Gray Tones
    2.2 Kilowatt Transmitter Unit
    New Tri-speed 15\" radome antenna, increases RPM at short ranges for better target accuracy
    3 Transmitter Pulse lengths and Repetition Rates
    Linear Receiver with 10 dB Noise Figure
    Automatic Receiver Tuning
    Automatic or Manual Sea-Clutter (STC) Adjustment
    Automatic or Manual Receiver Gain Adjustment
    Sector Blanking
    Rain Clutter (FTC) Control
    Echo Stretch and Interference Rejection Modes
    Watchman Mode to control the Radar system for Vessel Safety
    Reverse Video Display (White Targets and Marks on a Black Background)
    Full Screen Navigation Data Display in the Standby Mode*
    Omni Pad Control for rapid Cursor and Menu Operation
    Picture Off-Center Shift
    Electronic Bearing Line and Variable Range Marker
    Target or Echo Trails with Selectable Time Intervals
    Waypoint Lollipop On-Screen to aid in Vessel Navigation*
    Adjustable Duplex (In or Out) Radar Guard Zone Alarm
    TLL (Target Lat/Lon) output for use with plotter (must accept TLL sentence info)*
    Time offset adjustment
    [PROG] key provides menu shortcuts
    User programmable Nav Data Screens
    Ability to connect BBWGPS GPS/WAAS receiver
    Wind indication with appropriate sensor input

Shipping Information

    24 lbs., 1 Carton

Power Requirements

    12-24 VDC Only, 36 Watts
    Approximately 8 Watts, in Standby/Watchman Mode
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