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New enhanced version, 4 W output power and the installation of anti-jamming capabilities listed CTCSS
Small size, light weight and portability, long battery life aging, oversized volume output, distortion, not fuzzy.
VFO free channels, MR memory channels MENU menu, convenient operation.
+, -, And difference frequency REV difference frequency inversion, potentiometer frequency.
Automatic power-saving and low-voltage warning, the battery life, boot-voltage, power-saving features and low power warning.
Memory channel lockout, the screen blue LED lighting.
Direct keyboard input frequency, keyboard lock function keypad tones tips, FM Xuanniu lock.
Sec output power switch Hi - 4W Lo - 2W.
Audio distortion: ? 5% / Carrier Tolerance: 5 ppm / Max Frequency: ? ± 5KHZ / clutter radiation: better than 60 dB
Adjacent channel power: better than 60 dB / reference Sensitivity: better than 0.20 ? V / mute Sensitivity: better than 0.15 ? V
O Road selective: better than 60 dB / Stray Immunity: better than 60 dB / intermodulation Immunity: better than 60 dB
Waited current: 40 mA (save battery status of about 15 mA) / emission current: 1.2 A


Lithium batteries can not be over-discharge, low-voltage warning when you recharge the battery, so as to avoid damage to lithium batteries! !

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